Monday, 31 January 2011

The work I have to show for this portfolio I think shows what I am capable of and what I have to offer. My work below consists of 10 unique final pieces and couple of design ideas from sheets and sketchbooks to show to you that not only am I capable of producing final outcomes but also the design, practise and plan in order to do so. The reason I decided to show these pieces over others for you to analyse is, in my opinion shows a wide variety of techniques from simple pencil and rubber sketches, to prints and 3D paintings. I’m a very expressive artist in the way I draw and design with emotion and use quick and fast techniques to create an image. This isn’t just on paper, as this course needs computer based skills as well, and continue to design this way even on a screen. With this in mind I wanted to show you some life drawing work from both male and female models. Being a beginner to life drawing I was very open minded and used a variety of different media to work with. I am very expressive and willing when it comes to any aspect of art which is why I think I will get a lot out of this course and start to use this passion to my fields of art which are illustration and animation. This is me when it comes to the subject of art and creativity, I constantly try to better myself and going over work again and again to make a piece worth looking at and I think pushing this to degree standard will only make me work harder and more importantly learn techniques and skill I have not tried and be able to apply them to the fields which I love the most.